Call mrs. Winkler if you have monies for Pennies for Peace.....Its due now.

Keep looking here for camp updates
Dec 7, 2009

December 8th 2009 meeting

3:05-3:15 Walk the girls over to the church

3:15-3:30 Flag Ceremony- Mrs. Winkler/Mrs Coffey

3:30-3:50 Brownie Circle- Mrs. Winkler

a. intro to cookie sales

b. snack

3:50-4:20 Activity Session : Manners

a. Telephone manners /cookie sales- Mrs. Kanatas

b. Introductions/ door to door cookie sales- Mrs. Kowal / Mrs. Coffey

c. Manners and Friends- Mrs. Winkler

4:20-4:25 Clean Up

4:25-4:30 Closing Song/ Goodbye Bridge

Nov 18, 2009
Congratulations to all our girls for the hard work on their badges! You deserve them! Please take a look at the previous blog message for proper placement on the vest.

Thank you to the Daisies and their leaders for joinging us at out meeting. We had so much fun and it was nice to see all the girls together again. Cant wait to camp together in the Spring.

Saturday November 28th at 1:00p.m. is the tree decorating in the center of Riverside. I was going to send out a permission slip but since you will be driving your Brownie, it wont be necessary. We will do a flag ceremony and pledge, place our ornaments that we made at yesterdays meeting and then the girls will be free to leave. Hot Cocoa and cookies will be served in the park.

If we don't see you, please enjoy your Thanksgiving and families!

Nov 14, 2009

Badges earned to Date:

Badges earned to Date: See diagram below for badge placement on your Brownies Vest.


  1. t shirt Art-camp
  2. Decorate Your Clothes- buttons on socks-camp
  3. Mask Making-camp
  4. Knots-camp


  1. Special Girl Scout Ways-meeting
  2. S’Mores-camp
  3. Sit-Upon -daisy meeting
  4. Be Prepared- meeting


Sloppy Joes -camp
Mini Pizza-meeting
trail mix- friendship mix - camp


Packing Game- meeting
Build a shelter-camp
Planning for an overnight-meeting
Day hike-camp


1. be prepared safety tips-meeting
2. Travel journals- camp
3. Game-packing: meeting
4. Hiking prep: camp

Meeting Tuesday November 17th

Tuesdays meeting is going to be a truly exciting meeting! We will share a meeting with our Daisy Troop, some old friends from last years troop and a few new friends to complete the circle.

During the meeting we will take part in our first community project , by working with our Daisy Sisters to create ornaments for the Riverside Trim a Tree. Permission slips will go out as well to attend and decorate our tree in the Trim a tree celebration Saturday, November 28th from 1:00 p.m. with hot chocolate and cookies in Centennial Park. Permission slips will be due back November 17th. During this meeting girls will receive a friendship fun patch as well as present one to her Daisy Sister. This patch can be sewn to the BACK of the Brownie Vest.

One of the most exciting events of Tuesdays meeting will be the handing out of badges earned so far. If your daughter did not earn a badge, you will see a list of requirements for her to complete.
Badges completed from now till January will be given at the Formal Investiture Ceremony.If you have any questions please feel free to contact me I can help you with badge activities.


Snack: Daisies

Drink: Mrs. Winkler

Daisies will join us for this meeting.

3:05-3:15 Walk the girls over to the church

3:15-3:30 Flag Ceremony- Mrs. Winkler

3:30-3:50 Brownie Circle- Mrs. Winkler

a. Introduce Guests

3:50-4:20 Activity Session (Colors and Shapes BTI pg.90 #2)

(Numbers and Shapes BTI pg.114 # 6)

a. Snack Session: during snack session: instructions for Ornaments ill be given

While the girls are eating.

b. Making ornaments: The three leaves of the trefoil depict the three-fold Promise.

To serve God* and my country,
To help people at all times,
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

4:15-4:20 Girls will receive badges earned and present The Daisy sister with a Friendship patch.

4:20-4:25 Clean Up

4:25-4:30 Closing Song/ Goodbye Bridge

Badge tracking sheet

Hi , I came across this form to help you track your Brownies progress as we do our badges.
Nov 2, 2009

Meeting November 3rd

November 3rd Meeting

3:05-3:15 Walk the girls over to the church

3:20-3:25 Brownie Circle-

  1. Pledge
  2. Girl Scout Pledge

3:25-3:40 Activity Session

a. Make mini pizza –Using camp resources wisely

3:40-3:50 Manners bti pg.68

4:00-4:10 Snack Abigail will be bringing a drink for the girls

4:10- 4:25 game with Mrs. Coffey (games around the world)

4:25 daisy circle, brownie smile song goodnight bridge

Oct 26, 2009
What a fantastic trip~

I am exhausted but its a good exhausted. What a great group of girls we have and a wonderful group of moms! I consider our troop blessed~

I sure appreciate all the thank yous but I had so much help that everything didnt seem a chore.

3 great co leaders
Joan: Thanks for taking Cami and sticking around for final clean up & last min trips to the store and for the last min phone sessions!~
Katie: our Troop hiker..... Kick back put your feet up you truly deserved it this trip .....Good call on the local park I have heard nothing but wonderful things about the hikes!
Renata: Thanks for being such a great sport having all your activities the ones that were put on the back burner and for all the tasty baking..... I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE granola recipe!

MOMS you cant be beat:
Julie....Whenever I saw you you were picking up something, wiping something or snapping a picture of it~ ..PS the pictures and muffins are/were wonderful!
Sally: Thank you for the Diet coke and bun run! Love your spirit and go with the flow attitude~
Lindsey: Thanks for your suggestions at the parent meeting, the muffins, the bun run..... If you cant tell I like the saying bun run..... we should have one every time.
Becky: You definately belong with this never were without a smile and were up for anything, thanks for lending a hand wherever was necessary and for hanging back for final clean up.
Christine: Thanks first and foremost for the 2nd trip back to the store. Paper towels should have been a priority on my list that slipped through the cracks.... I love that you offer feedback to how you felt things went...Because of you we had the 2 day trip with the built in free time and that went fabulous this year~ keep the suggestions coming.

Its all things things combined that made this trip seem effortless to me.

Look for some changes at next camp out from all your suggestions because we take all of them into consideration. Not only are these times at camp to spend time with our daughters but are building an example for the time to come when you no longer go to camp with them. So your suggestions become learning experiences for the girls.

I feel blessed to be a leader to such a great group of girls !

Yours in Scouting,
Wendy Winkler
Oct 16, 2009

OCTOBER 20th meeting schedule


3:05-3:15 Walk the girls over to the church

3:20-3:40 Brownie Circle- Mrs. Winkler

a. Pledge

b. Introducing homemade granola /Make it Eat it #1pg.38 BTI

c. Girls make granola

3:40-4:15 Activity Session

a. First Aid/Safety Sense #5

b. camp prep/

-Outdoor Adventure #2 BTI Pg119

-Travel Right#6 BTI pg 81

-.Learn 1 camp song Don’t wear no socks

-. Bandanna tricks pg 124 BTI

4:15-4:20 Snack

4:25-4:30 Closing Song/ Goodbye Bridge

My Momma Don't Wear No Socks

Leader: My momma don't were no socks!

Everyone: A ding-dong!

Leader: I saw her when she took 'em off

Everyone: A ding-dong!


Everyone: A ding-dong!



A ding dong, dong, dong,

Dong-a-ding dong, dong dong,

Dong-a-ding dong!

She threw them in the tree... that dog refused to pee

She threw them ion a wire… that’s what caused the Chicago Fire!

She threw them up towards heaven... brought down a 7-4-7

She threw them on the wall... Now Spiderman refuses to crawl

She threw them in the air... Now the birds don’t fly up there.

She threw them in a boat... That boat refused to float

She threw them round the bend... that means THIS IS THE END!

Oct 14, 2009
Click on photo for complete packing list
* Items not on list.: Hat/ gloves, folding chair for campfire.
Oct 11, 2009

Healthy Habits meeting

Looking at these pictures you might initially ask....what has this to do with healthy habits.... Well actually a whole lot. At our last meeting we learned a great new yogurt snack that the girls made themselves.... Thank You Mrs. Kanatas! Feed the body.... We learned healthy habits and the role foods play to keep us healthy......feed the mind......We played fun games and learned a wacky camp song that made us all laugh.... Feed the soul! I say all in all it was an excellent meeting!

Our next meeting October 20th is a Camp Prep meeting. First aid will be the topic of discussion lead by Mrs. Kowal as well as a granola snack that the girls will actually bake and be a part of our trail mix during our camp hike at Trefoil Oaks lead by Mrs. Coffey~ More songs to come from Mrs. Winkler and as always learning more about what it means to be a Girl Scout Brownie!

Camp Parents: Reminder there is a camp meeting October 22 7:30 to discuss activities and procedures for camp. This helps us as leaders to make sure the everyone gets the best possible experience from camp and for those who have not camped with us to learn more of what to expect.

If you have not done so please turn in your camp fees as well as your troop paperwork and fees.

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Oct 5, 2009

Meeting Agenda October 6th 2009

Snacks for October Meetings:

October 6: Mia Kanatas October 20th: Zosia Coffey

OCTOBER 6th Meeting agenda

3:05-3:15 Walk the girls over to the church

3:15-3:30 Flag Ceremony- Mrs. Winkler

3:30-3:50 Brownie Circle- Mrs. Winkler

(Girl Scout Ways BTI pg. 14) BA#2 Mrs. Winkler

a . Brownie Smile Song pg. 15 of BHB

b. Girl Scout Handshake pg.18 BHB

c. Friendship Circle pg. 19 BHB

d. Friendship Squeeze pg 19. BHB

3:50-4:20 Activity Session Healthy Habits - Mrs. Kanatas

a. Snack Session-Alternative

b. Learning Session-

(Eat Right, Stay Healthy BTI pg. 26) BA# 1 pg. 26 BTI-Mrs. Kanatas

c. Physical Activity session

(Girl Sports BTI, pg 28) BA#5 pg 31- Balloon Volley

(My Body, BTI pg. 45) BA#4 pg 45 Body Volley

4:20-4:25 Clean Up

4:25-4:30 Closing Song/ Goodbye Bridge

Sep 25, 2009

Movie Night a success....

Thanks to all
the brownies and their parents who came out and helped make Ames PTA Family Family movie night a success. What a great movie and a fantastic turn out.

I'm sure they will be finding popcorn in the farthest corners of the school but we did our best to make sure that the overnight janitor didn't have to work overtime to clean up after us. Remember the Girl Scout motto... Leave a place cleaner than when we found it.
Here a a few photo highlights of the evening.
Sep 22, 2009

Ultra Foods was the first site of our field trip. Our girls experience the food pyramid from the viewpoint of a grocery store. Learning the names of various fruits and vegetables that they may not normally eat... Turnips, Brussel sprouts, parsley.

We worked our way around the store and even receive some fried chicken and juice! How many times have you walked by the fresh dinner section and just wish you could take a piece of the chicken siting in the window.

One of our last stops was the Dairy section. Who knew our girls were yogurt efficienatos?

Mrs. Kanatas has offered to share with the girls a lesson on healthy eating habits as a follow up on this field trip. We look forward to hearing what she has to teach us!

A real treat for the girls came in the form of a grocery bag of goodies! Not a bad way to end our trip.

It was a nice way to get our girls out into the public and kick off our "HOME EC" theme. Moms and Dads..... your Brownies are now ready to help you out at the grocery store! or at least help you carry in the bags....

Yours in scouting

Wendy Winkler

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Aug 25, 2009

CAMPING October 23-25

Here are a few photos of the wonderful time we had at Camp Trefoil Oaks in Wisconsin. Well we are scheduled to go back in October with more fun and some of the old tried and true camping adventures.
More information will be coming soon, but dont forget and mark the DATE! October 23-25th.

This year we are taking inspiration from old home ec classes and focusing on , sewing,cooking, manner and more.

Each girl will make a no sew fleece blanket as well and will be required to bring in 2 pieces of fleece ( will get exact size later)

Hiking,Crafts, campfires and Friends... All make for a perfect weekend.

Hope to see you there!

Meeting September 8th/ Dues and registration.

This is the home for all information Ames Brownies…..

Our first meeting will take place September 8th: 3:15 – 4:30 Meeting room to be announced.
Please bring 2 checks
1. $24 payable to GSUSA
2. $60 made payable to troop 41588

If you have been given paperwork, please bring with you.

FIELD TRIP: September 22nd : food pyramid in the grocery store

Ultra Field trip form will be due. No child may attend field trip without permission.

Dear Parents,

We are very excited to begin out new year as Brownie Troop 41588 here at Ames.
This troop will be open to 1st/2nd grade girls. Our troop will be capped at 15 girls. If another troop is needed, parents will be solicited and assisted in forming a second troop.

We have a wonderful group of Moms and friends who will take various roles in the troop, all with the goal of making this a memorable year for our Brownies.

Please read over following packet with our Brownie Troop information and feel
free to contact any of the leaders below with any questions you may have.

We have so many exciting things planned…..we hope you can join us as we start our girls off in the Great World of Scouting.


Brownie Troop Leaders
Wendy Winkler
Katie Kowal

Renata Coffey
Joan Kanatas

While parents are not required to attend monthly meetings, on occasion they will be asked to participate in various events or outing and are strongly encouraged to volunteer time to at least one meeting. If you can help in any capacity, please contact any one of the Leaders listed above.

Information:: In keeping with our paperless pledge, when possible we will Contact parents via email of troop happenings.
A blog has been set up at blogger and parents are encouraged to become followers of the blog.

nd and 4th Tuesdays a month……unless otherwise noted , 3:15 pm – 4:30pm

see specific dates below Meeting room to be announced soon.

Meeting & Snack Schedule:


· 8thth : Cameron

· 22rd: Emily/Ultra field trip


· 6th :Zosia

· 20st :Mia


· 3rd : Abigail

· 17th : Ava


· 8th : Claire

· 15th :Olivia


· 8th Awards ceremony 6:30 all families contribute

· 12th :Quincy


· 9th : Tess

· 23rd TBA


· 9th TBA

· 23rd TBA


· 13th TBA

· 27th TBA


· 11th TBA

· 25th TBA

May 28th: Final Ceremonies all

Families contribute

Daisies Bridge to Brownies: Night meeting Date and Time TBA Later

It would be beneficial for the new BROWNIES to be greeted by their sister scouts. If you are able to attend please do.

Membership Dues:
* $12 = Girl Scouts of America Membership Fee

* $12= Adult membership fee: dues will cover the membership into the GSUSA and will include an automatic insurance coverage from the GSUSA for all outing, trips and overnighters that the parent goes on.

· $60= Chapter Dues. Breakdowns to $3.00 a meeting, includes all Badges, Patches and pins earned, Crafts, Activity supplies.

· 2 checks please: *$24 Payable to : Girl Scouts of America

* $60 Payable to : Troop 41588.

· No girl should be turned away due to financial reasons. The Girl Scouts have a confidential financial assistance to those who are unable to cover fees.

Field Trips: Field trips will be arranged in the community. Transportation is to be arranged by parents. Field trip may require a small fee.

Supplies: Folder with name to be brought to each meeting.

· Start-Up: A simple activity to be done as girls arrive/ allowing the leaders to get set up.
· Opening: Girl Scout Promise, flag ceremony/ Color Guard, and a simple song.
· Brownie Ring: Chapter information to be shared with the girls and possible decision making See description below
· Activities: One or more program activities or craft
· Snack: Each meeting a different girls will be asked to bring a healthy snack to share with the troop. Girls will receive notice prior to their snack date.
* Clean Up: A Girl Scout leaves a place cleaner than she found it.

· Closing a meeting :

Closing Song: Good Bye until next time.

Depending on the number of girls, they will be divided into smaller groups called PATROLS. These groups will allow girls to share and participate on a smaller scale as well as learn in the dynamics of a group setting. These patrols will be assigned specific tasks within the meeting IE: Flag Color Guard, Snacks, Clean up, etc

· Uniform:
· white,
cream or blue shirt and Brown vest

Girl Scout Glossary:
· Girl Scout sign: Hold the middle three fingers up by putting your pinky
and your thumb together.
· Girl Scout handshake: Shake hands with your left hand while making the Girl Scout sign with your right hand.
·Friendship circle: This stands for an unbroken chain of friendship with Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all around the world. Everyone stands in a circle and places their right arm over her left and holds hands. Everyone makes a silent wish as a friendship squeeze is passed from hand to hand.
· Friendship squeeze: After someone shares something in the circle, she squeezes the hand of the person standing next to her, who shares something and then squeeze passes on around the circle.
· Quiet sign: Hold up your right hand. As people in the group see the quiet sign, they stop talking and also raise their hands. Once everyone is silent, the meeting continues.
· Girl Scout motto: “Be prepared!”
· Girl Scout slogan: “Do a good turn daily!”
· Brownie Rng: A circle that the girls can sit in to share ideas.
· Earned recognition: brownie try its
The Girl Scout Promise: On my honor, I will try:To serve God and my country,To help people at all times,And to live by the Girl Scout Law