Call mrs. Winkler if you have monies for Pennies for Peace.....Its due now.

Keep looking here for camp updates
Apr 22, 2011

Next Meeting April 26th

Snack: Alessia
Secretary : Lulu
Recycler:  Emily
Clean Up: Claire and Cami                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Am. Flag: Zosia
Am. Flag CG:Mazzy
GS Flag: Alessia
GS Flag CG: Amber
Caller: Briyanna

Focus: Menu planning for Camp, Troop CD MIX,

Troop Business
·        Food drive –Continues
·        Plastic bag recycle- Emily
·        Pennies for Peace: Keep collecting~
Apr 12, 2011


She lead us in a presentation surrounding the book Listen to the Wind. This book was about one man’s mission to bring education to the children of Pakistan.

Girls used maps to locate the country as well as learned the history behind this war torn nation and its effects on girls their own age.

Each girl was able to choose a Henna tattoo after learning about the significance of them in the Pakistani culture.

She also prepared pita, two types of hummus as well as pistachios, all foods from the area.
(Thank you Claire for the strawberries and Chips….. They went so well with the hummus. )

In addition: The girls will be donating a copy of Listen to the Wind to both Ames and Blythe school libraries in honor of Dr. Paul Roach, Mollies Uncle who is serving overseas

Pennies for Peace

What is The Power of a Penny?

Pennies for Peace teaches children the rewards of sharing and working together to bring hope and educational opportunities to children in Pakistan and Afghanistan. A penny in the United states has little worth, but in In Pakistan and Afghanistan a penny buys a pencil and opens the door to literacy:

1 penny = one pencil
2 pennies = one eraser
15 pennies = one notebook
$2 or $3 = one teacher’s salary for one day
$20 = one student’s school supplies for one year
$600 = one teacher’s annual salary
$5,000 = support for existing school for one year
$50,000 = one school building and support for up to five years

From now through May 24th we are asking the girls to redirect the pennies they have been saving for scouts, to PENNIES FOR PEACE.  

1.     Girls will need to use the KING COIN machine at the Riverside bank to count the change. 
      You will be given a receipt

2.     Take a deposit slip and using the receipt make the deposit into the troop account.           ( contact Mrs. Winkler for this number)

3.      Save you deposit receipt and turn in at the May 24th Meeting. One check will be made once all deposits have been tallied.

Our girls have been given so much. They seemed quite excited to be able to give to other children their age.

Apr 9, 2011

Next Meeting Tuesday, April 12th

With the first cup of tea you are a stranger.
With the second . . . a friend.
With the third cup of tea, you are family

Mrs. Adams has offered to host this week’s meeting by sharing a story with the girls.


 Pakistan customs will also be discussed as well as using Henna tattoos.

If you do not wish for your Brownie to receive a henna tattoo, please contact Mrs. Winkler before the meeting.