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Aug 25, 2009

Dear Parents,

We are very excited to begin out new year as Brownie Troop 41588 here at Ames.
This troop will be open to 1st/2nd grade girls. Our troop will be capped at 15 girls. If another troop is needed, parents will be solicited and assisted in forming a second troop.

We have a wonderful group of Moms and friends who will take various roles in the troop, all with the goal of making this a memorable year for our Brownies.

Please read over following packet with our Brownie Troop information and feel
free to contact any of the leaders below with any questions you may have.

We have so many exciting things planned…..we hope you can join us as we start our girls off in the Great World of Scouting.


Brownie Troop Leaders
Wendy Winkler
Katie Kowal

Renata Coffey
Joan Kanatas

While parents are not required to attend monthly meetings, on occasion they will be asked to participate in various events or outing and are strongly encouraged to volunteer time to at least one meeting. If you can help in any capacity, please contact any one of the Leaders listed above.

Information:: In keeping with our paperless pledge, when possible we will Contact parents via email of troop happenings.
A blog has been set up at blogger and parents are encouraged to become followers of the blog.

nd and 4th Tuesdays a month……unless otherwise noted , 3:15 pm – 4:30pm

see specific dates below Meeting room to be announced soon.

Meeting & Snack Schedule:


· 8thth : Cameron

· 22rd: Emily/Ultra field trip


· 6th :Zosia

· 20st :Mia


· 3rd : Abigail

· 17th : Ava


· 8th : Claire

· 15th :Olivia


· 8th Awards ceremony 6:30 all families contribute

· 12th :Quincy


· 9th : Tess

· 23rd TBA


· 9th TBA

· 23rd TBA


· 13th TBA

· 27th TBA


· 11th TBA

· 25th TBA

May 28th: Final Ceremonies all

Families contribute

Daisies Bridge to Brownies: Night meeting Date and Time TBA Later

It would be beneficial for the new BROWNIES to be greeted by their sister scouts. If you are able to attend please do.

Membership Dues:
* $12 = Girl Scouts of America Membership Fee

* $12= Adult membership fee: dues will cover the membership into the GSUSA and will include an automatic insurance coverage from the GSUSA for all outing, trips and overnighters that the parent goes on.

· $60= Chapter Dues. Breakdowns to $3.00 a meeting, includes all Badges, Patches and pins earned, Crafts, Activity supplies.

· 2 checks please: *$24 Payable to : Girl Scouts of America

* $60 Payable to : Troop 41588.

· No girl should be turned away due to financial reasons. The Girl Scouts have a confidential financial assistance to those who are unable to cover fees.

Field Trips: Field trips will be arranged in the community. Transportation is to be arranged by parents. Field trip may require a small fee.

Supplies: Folder with name to be brought to each meeting.

· Start-Up: A simple activity to be done as girls arrive/ allowing the leaders to get set up.
· Opening: Girl Scout Promise, flag ceremony/ Color Guard, and a simple song.
· Brownie Ring: Chapter information to be shared with the girls and possible decision making See description below
· Activities: One or more program activities or craft
· Snack: Each meeting a different girls will be asked to bring a healthy snack to share with the troop. Girls will receive notice prior to their snack date.
* Clean Up: A Girl Scout leaves a place cleaner than she found it.

· Closing a meeting :

Closing Song: Good Bye until next time.

Depending on the number of girls, they will be divided into smaller groups called PATROLS. These groups will allow girls to share and participate on a smaller scale as well as learn in the dynamics of a group setting. These patrols will be assigned specific tasks within the meeting IE: Flag Color Guard, Snacks, Clean up, etc

· Uniform:
· white,
cream or blue shirt and Brown vest

Girl Scout Glossary:
· Girl Scout sign: Hold the middle three fingers up by putting your pinky
and your thumb together.
· Girl Scout handshake: Shake hands with your left hand while making the Girl Scout sign with your right hand.
·Friendship circle: This stands for an unbroken chain of friendship with Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all around the world. Everyone stands in a circle and places their right arm over her left and holds hands. Everyone makes a silent wish as a friendship squeeze is passed from hand to hand.
· Friendship squeeze: After someone shares something in the circle, she squeezes the hand of the person standing next to her, who shares something and then squeeze passes on around the circle.
· Quiet sign: Hold up your right hand. As people in the group see the quiet sign, they stop talking and also raise their hands. Once everyone is silent, the meeting continues.
· Girl Scout motto: “Be prepared!”
· Girl Scout slogan: “Do a good turn daily!”
· Brownie Rng: A circle that the girls can sit in to share ideas.
· Earned recognition: brownie try its
The Girl Scout Promise: On my honor, I will try:To serve God and my country,To help people at all times,And to live by the Girl Scout Law

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