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Jan 23, 2011

Meeting::January 25th

1.     ~~~TROOP PHOTO~~~    Girls need to be in Dress uniform
·        Khahi/Brown: Pants, leggings, skirt
·        Shirt: White or Blue
·        Dress shoes if Possible
·        Have them bring a brush to touch up in the bathroom before picture.
2.     ** Do you have Pinecone?  If so bring them to the meeting please**
3.     *** Cookie Sales forms Due Wednesday Jan 26th****    May bring to Tues meeting

Snack: Tess
Secretary : Amber
Recycler: Mazzy
Clean Up: Zosia and Alessia
Am. Flag: Lulu
Am. Flag CG:Molly
GS Flag: Mia
GS Flag CG: Quincy
Caller: Tess

Focus: Journey Quest Rap up, Completion on Animal Badges, Bridging to Junior
3:15- 3:20 
3:20- 3:30 Flag Ceremony
3:30-3:45  Brownie Circle/ Ring
Secretary Minute: Gather any materials not already given to her.
·        Troop Business
·        Site Sales
·        Food drive
·        Plastic bag recycle
·        Badges hand out
3:45- 4:00 Activity AS A TROOP:
Pinecone Bird Feeders
4:00-4:05 Clean up
4:05-4:25 Sing a long: New song for you~!
4:25- 4:30 Clean up
4:30  Friendship squeeze : tess  /Closing

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