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May 18, 2010

Camp Butternut Springs May 21-23

WOW…. Camp already~

May 21-23 Camp activities begin at 7pm so plan accordingly …especially with the construction going on. Registrations for next years troop will be available. Please bring Check for $24 to GSGCNWI.

Girls who are not attending , please make arrangements to pick up forms and camp activities so that you complete all your badges.

Troop size 15 girls. ( we have 2 girls who might join us from Blythe with Tess~
If someone has expressed an interest in joining, a new troop must be formed., Please have them contact me and I will help get them started. We will have 2 brownie troops already so adding a 3rd will not be that hard. Mrs. Hennelly and I work together and will be happy to make the process as smooth as possible.

May 28th : 6 pm. Kanatas’ home
If you would like to bring a dessert or side, call Wendy

Next years meetings will also be on Tuesdays. A full schedule of dates will go out when the school calendar is complete.

We will be losing 2 of our co leaders------who promised to still be around to help-
Mrs. Kanatas will help out Ana , who will be a Daisy next fall
Mrs. Kowal: will be also be working with the new Daisy troop w/Caroline.
Thank you so much for all you do~~

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