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Dec 1, 2010


Cookie Sales time again~ 
Some key facts about 2011 sales
·        Orders officially Begin January 9th
·        No new cookies this year / Same favorites as last year~
·        Still just $4 a box
·        Cookie Mom: Therese Kourim~ we love Therese. For those of you who don’t know Therese, she is Wendy’s neighbor and has no children in the troop but loves being involved with the Girl Scouts and our Troop.  She must because she will be going on her 3rd year in a row as Cookie Mom~
·        Prize structure is back to being cumulative so the prizes on the order sheet are the prizes our girls get. IE: if our Brownies sells 200 boxes she gets , certificate, patch, pen, journal, stuffed toy, storage box, fashion portfolio and beanie cap~
PLUS: if as a troop we average: 100+ boxes per girl
·        Gloves (match the beanie)
If we average 125+boxes per girl
·        ILEAD tshirt

We already know we are a “Super Troop” but we have the opportunity this year to earn the cookie “Super Troop” as well.
·        Girls must participate in 2 site sale  Check: Mrs. Kawiecki has offered to organize this and as soon as sites are announced in the council we will let you know our dates and times.
·        Girls must sign up for online Cookie Club: We will take care of this from the Cookie Moms end and get you the details.
·        Girls must donate cookies to with the military or local charity.   Check: boxes will be donated to the Riverside Food Pantry and/or the British Home.

I will be updating this Frequently so look for the POST: COOKIE SALES 2011

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