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Dec 1, 2010

Meeting Updates….November 30th

 Meeting Updates….

What a wonderful meeting.  Ms. B was our special guest and she discussed what SHE did as a Brownie and even brought her old uniforms. It brought a smile to my face to hear the girls eager to explain what they do to her and compare badges. As a leader I was seeing any one of our Brownies talking 20 years in the future to special Brownies they know about what they did and showing off their uniforms and badges.  

This is what I will think about as I plan meetings.  Will this make for a memorable learning moment when it is all said and done? The only memory I still don’t foresee our girls having is TENT camping as a Brownie… least I am not going to be sleeping in the tent~J  

Ms. B also stayed with us to complete another part of our Journeys Badge….Connections to other Brownies.  We made photo cubes using photos from our lasts events.  I am sure your Brownie has shown you hers by now.  I will bring the photos to the next meeting as well and the girls may take home any they would like. 

Our second project was a little foreshadowing of things to come.  I prepared a sample of t-shirt rings to have each girl participate in making a scarf for Ms. B as a thank you for joining us.  Each girl joined 3 rings by tying them together.  She then worked with the other Brownies at her table to connect all of their rings.  Once that was done they joined the rings strands from each table together making one long scarf. The results were fantastic. I know the girls are now really excited to make their own scarf’s in January!

Please read the following note to your Brownie:

Mrs. Winkler,

Thank you so very much for allowing me to come in and share!  I had a fantastic time and absolutely love the scarf.  I wore it to school today to keep me warm with this December weather that is fast approaching, and even got a chance to get a picture with all of the Ames girls with myself wearing the scarf (a much better picture than just me).

These brownies have a special place in my heart always and it was definitely a memorable experience!

Thank you again,
Miss B.

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