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Oct 11, 2009

Healthy Habits meeting

Looking at these pictures you might initially ask....what has this to do with healthy habits.... Well actually a whole lot. At our last meeting we learned a great new yogurt snack that the girls made themselves.... Thank You Mrs. Kanatas! Feed the body.... We learned healthy habits and the role foods play to keep us healthy......feed the mind......We played fun games and learned a wacky camp song that made us all laugh.... Feed the soul! I say all in all it was an excellent meeting!

Our next meeting October 20th is a Camp Prep meeting. First aid will be the topic of discussion lead by Mrs. Kowal as well as a granola snack that the girls will actually bake and be a part of our trail mix during our camp hike at Trefoil Oaks lead by Mrs. Coffey~ More songs to come from Mrs. Winkler and as always learning more about what it means to be a Girl Scout Brownie!

Camp Parents: Reminder there is a camp meeting October 22 7:30 to discuss activities and procedures for camp. This helps us as leaders to make sure the everyone gets the best possible experience from camp and for those who have not camped with us to learn more of what to expect.

If you have not done so please turn in your camp fees as well as your troop paperwork and fees.

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