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Oct 26, 2009
What a fantastic trip~

I am exhausted but its a good exhausted. What a great group of girls we have and a wonderful group of moms! I consider our troop blessed~

I sure appreciate all the thank yous but I had so much help that everything didnt seem a chore.

3 great co leaders
Joan: Thanks for taking Cami and sticking around for final clean up & last min trips to the store and for the last min phone sessions!~
Katie: our Troop hiker..... Kick back put your feet up you truly deserved it this trip .....Good call on the local park I have heard nothing but wonderful things about the hikes!
Renata: Thanks for being such a great sport having all your activities the ones that were put on the back burner and for all the tasty baking..... I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE granola recipe!

MOMS you cant be beat:
Julie....Whenever I saw you you were picking up something, wiping something or snapping a picture of it~ ..PS the pictures and muffins are/were wonderful!
Sally: Thank you for the Diet coke and bun run! Love your spirit and go with the flow attitude~
Lindsey: Thanks for your suggestions at the parent meeting, the muffins, the bun run..... If you cant tell I like the saying bun run..... we should have one every time.
Becky: You definately belong with this never were without a smile and were up for anything, thanks for lending a hand wherever was necessary and for hanging back for final clean up.
Christine: Thanks first and foremost for the 2nd trip back to the store. Paper towels should have been a priority on my list that slipped through the cracks.... I love that you offer feedback to how you felt things went...Because of you we had the 2 day trip with the built in free time and that went fabulous this year~ keep the suggestions coming.

Its all things things combined that made this trip seem effortless to me.

Look for some changes at next camp out from all your suggestions because we take all of them into consideration. Not only are these times at camp to spend time with our daughters but are building an example for the time to come when you no longer go to camp with them. So your suggestions become learning experiences for the girls.

I feel blessed to be a leader to such a great group of girls !

Yours in Scouting,
Wendy Winkler

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Looks like you had a wonderful time.

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