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Oct 5, 2009

Meeting Agenda October 6th 2009

Snacks for October Meetings:

October 6: Mia Kanatas October 20th: Zosia Coffey

OCTOBER 6th Meeting agenda

3:05-3:15 Walk the girls over to the church

3:15-3:30 Flag Ceremony- Mrs. Winkler

3:30-3:50 Brownie Circle- Mrs. Winkler

(Girl Scout Ways BTI pg. 14) BA#2 Mrs. Winkler

a . Brownie Smile Song pg. 15 of BHB

b. Girl Scout Handshake pg.18 BHB

c. Friendship Circle pg. 19 BHB

d. Friendship Squeeze pg 19. BHB

3:50-4:20 Activity Session Healthy Habits - Mrs. Kanatas

a. Snack Session-Alternative

b. Learning Session-

(Eat Right, Stay Healthy BTI pg. 26) BA# 1 pg. 26 BTI-Mrs. Kanatas

c. Physical Activity session

(Girl Sports BTI, pg 28) BA#5 pg 31- Balloon Volley

(My Body, BTI pg. 45) BA#4 pg 45 Body Volley

4:20-4:25 Clean Up

4:25-4:30 Closing Song/ Goodbye Bridge

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