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Oct 18, 2010

October 19th Meeting

*Meeting October 19th: 3:15 -4:30

  • 2 new girls from Blythe  , Alessia and Mazzy!
  • This meeting will center around troop business and what to expect for the year
  • Girl should bring a water bottle for snack
  • Plastic bag recycle begins tomorrow…..Bring in your plastic grocery bags for         our troop recyclerMOLLIE to take to Riverside foods for recycling     
  • Clean up Girls Mia and Lulu will stay 5 min after the meeting for clean up.
  • Please bring dues $60 made out to GS troop 41588 our secretary Quincy will collect    and record.

Next meeting October 26th

October 19th Meeting
Snack: Emily
Focus: Journeys Family and Friends
           What it means to be a Brownie
3:15- 3:25 Snack
3:25- 3:30 Flag Ceremony
3:30-4:10 Brownie Ring
·                     Read discuss page 12/13 of BHB
·                     Uniform
·                     Teach Brownie Smile Song
·                     Teach Friendship Squeeze –Significance
·                     Teach Girl Scout Hand Shake- when where to use it.
·                     Hand out awards
4:10- 4:25 Craft
4:25     Clean up
4:30     Brownie Bridge/Closing

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