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Oct 22, 2010

October 26th Meeting

Have  I told everyone what a great group of girls we have…..
What? Not in the last week?
Hmmm… I must be slacking~

They received so much information at our meeting and took it all in.
We started them on their new tasks of taking over the running of the troop and all I have to say is that we have a great group of future leaders here.

Not only did they do their jobs, but were receptive and offered additional suggestions to make the troop run smoother. Two major decisions were made based on the girls suggestions.

1.     Jobs will be posted on a large poster board JOB BOARD, so that the girls can see their jobs each meeting.
2.     In addition to the sea turtle, the girls have decided to add another animal to our adoption list.  The Penguin.  (Think the movie HAPPY FEET ) They will now be collecting the plastic six pack rings that come with drinks to prevent them from entering landfills and getting animals caught in them.
3.     Have I mentioned we have a great group of girls~
·         We will continue on our Journeys Patch program discussing the sisterhood of brownies.
·         Girl should bring a water bottle for snack, large pair of scissors, 2  or 3 aluminum empty soda cans  and a non-perishable for the food pantry.
·         Plastic bag recycle continues…..Bring in your plastic grocery bags for our troop recycler Quincy to take to Riverside foods for recycling
·         Clean up Girls Mia and Mollie will stay 5 min after the meeting for clean up.
·         Please bring dues $60 made out to GS troop 41588 our secretary Tess  will collect and record
·         Permission slips for Dan Patch stables can be downloaded here. If a parent wished to horseback ride please also enclose a check for $22. Tess will record this for us as well
·         Parents who need help deciding where ALL their patched and badges go please don’t hesitate to call.  Boy did we do a lot last year!  

Snack: Quincy
Secretary : Tess
Re-cycler: Quincy
Clean Up: Mollie & Mia
Am. Flag: Briyana
Am. Flag CG:Claire
GS Flag: Cami
GS Flag CG: Emily
Caller: Lulu

Focus: Journeys Friends Working together          

3:20- 3:30 Snack

3:30-3:45  Brownie Circle/ Ring

·                Secretary Minute: Gather any materials not already given to her.
·                Troop Business
1.     Donation made to the World Wildlife Fund-Sea turtle fund?
2.     Vote on this years donation? Penguin?
3.   Collections for the Riverside Township food panty
4.   Ornaments for Zoo and Riverside Tree walk
3:45- 4:00 Activity: Working together w/communication towards a common goal.
4:00- 4:25 Craft: recycled Christmas ornaments/Riverside Tree & Brookfield zoo
4:25- 4:30 Clean up
4:30          Brownie Bridge/Closing

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