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Oct 20, 2010

Recycled Christmas Ornaments

  • One of the most precious resources we have is aluminum, it is versatile in its uses and fully recyclable. According to The Aluminum Association, “Of the 100.6 billion aluminum cans shipped in the U.S. in 2006, 51.6 percent (52 billion) were recycled. Almost 90 percent of automotive aluminum is reclaimed and recycled. Recycling of aluminum saves energy and avoids some 95 percent of the emissions associated with making new aluminum from ore.”
  • For the every day person, the easiest way to help reclaim aluminum is to do it via soda can recycling. We can recycle the aluminum directly (local metal recyclers will pay for aluminum), or reuse the aluminum ourselves in creative ways. One of these ways is to make an aluminum can into a holiday ornament. 

  • 1 empty aluminum soda can
  • 1 large pair of scissors
  • 1 pencil

How To:
  1. Cut the top off of an aluminum soda can.
  2. Using the scissors, cut slices down the walls of the can so that, when spread out, the can walls resemble a sun burst. (see photo).
  3. With the tip of your scissors, pliers, or with a pencil, twirl the aluminum into fantastical snowflake shapes.
  4. Be careful as the edge of the aluminum can be  sharp and might cut your hands and fingers. I was very surprised at how easy the cans were to work with though.
  5. decorate : go here to download the circular inset

Craft courtesy of The Green Blog -

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