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Feb 18, 2011

Junior Bridging 2011

All our girls are eligible to Bridge to Juniors.  We are asking for a $10 fee to cover the activity and Badge/patches.  Girls will receive their bridge patch, their Junior wings and their Junior GS Pin.  They will continue to wear their current WAGGS pin.
I am also collecting the uniform/books cost for those parents who would like me to pick them up. I will be accepting this fee till April 15th.  I will just need to know what size vest your girl will be wearing. The girls asked if we could do the sash this year and I told them that we do too many activities and their badges would never fit. They all laughed and agreed. 

Please see the breakdown of the costs.
Junior Vest                                            $15.75
Junior Girl Scout Handbook                  $10.95
American Flag Patch Wavy                   $1.75
Girl Scout Council Identification Set       $4.00
Junior Insignia Cross grain Tab               $2.50

Used handbooks are available on ebay.  Recycle Reuse! Renew 
No girl will be turned away due to her inability to pay. Please contact me.

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