Call mrs. Winkler if you have monies for Pennies for Peace.....Its due now.

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Feb 12, 2011

Thanks to  Mrs. Anderson and Tess, My Hubby , Cami, Ms. Terese, and Mrs. Kanatas  we were able to load, unload, sort and tag all 1700+ boxes~

I just love saying that~ 1700+ boxes.

Please call me or email ( its best)  to set up your time to pick up cookies.

When you are there you will get the following
1.         Your original cookie sheet
2.         A receipt  for  the cookies that you are taking with totals
3.         A Thinking Day Patch…… were  not in , in time for the meeting
4.         20 Thank you business cards that you can attach to your cookie orders.
5.         Permissions slip needed PER CLIMBER  ,adult and child, for next weeks field trip to Pav Berwyn.  If you are just coming along and not climbing, no permission slip is needed. Please bring with you to the event.


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