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Nov 15, 2010

Horseback Riding and Water park Recap~

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a great time, for both Moms and Girls!  Even though the rain put a kibosh to our Bon fire, I don’t think it was missed! I loved every aspect of this weekend~

Thank you to all our adventurous moms for making the trip and riding, I know your Brownies loved having you there. Not even the horse “apples” could put a damper on our experience or stop the girls from getting up close and personal to brush the horses. It was neat to hear all about proper care of the horses and how much work it was just to own a horse.  I know several moms were happy to hear that, it put a damper on the phrase “ I want a horse”

I bet if we asked the girls the name of “their” horse in a month from now they will not only tell you it but describe exactly what he or she looked like. “I want to do that again” seemed to be the phrase that I kept hearing after each girl got off their horse. 

I think having the water park was the bonus to this trip. Couldn’t even drag them away for a Craft class!  All I have to say is our girls have Stamina…… no 8 -9 pm bedtime for our girls  UGH~

Thank you to all the moms who cooked and cleaned and made this trip so memorable!   Please click on the horse photos at the right to see the whole photo album. 

Yours in Scouting,
Mrs. Winkler

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