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Nov 3, 2010

Veterans Day November 11th Ames School

Our Brownies have been invited to present the colors at the special Veterans Day celebration that Mrs. Lauritsen has planned for Ames.

Below you will find the assignments that are based on the November 9th caper chart.

Please have the girls were Ceremony uniform, Vest ,Khaki Pants or Skirt, White/Blue Shirt   ( no words) White socks,  Dress shoes/boots, Journey necklace.

Blythe Girls: Please also wear your dress uniform as your school Juniors will be in charge of the ceremony and wearing your uniform will show your support.

Color Guard for Presenting of the colors:

American Flag:
1.    Cameron 
2.    Emily 
3.    Amber 

Girl Scout Flag:
1.    Claire 
2.    Lulu 
3.    Briyana 

1.    Mia 
2.    Zosia 

Presenting of the gift flag:
1.    Molly 
2.    Quincy 

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Wendy said...

***** Parents we have been asked to make x Large stars red white and blue for decoration.... in addition we are looking for bunting? If you can help please contact wendy

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