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Nov 6, 2010

Meeting November 9th: 3:15 -4:30

Meeting November 9th: 3:15 -4:30

·        We will be practicing for the flag ceremony at Ames November 11th.
·        Our Blythe girls will be learning proper flag folding etiquette.
·        Girl should bring a water bottle for snack (Cami ) and a non-perishable for the food drive for Riverside Food Pantry .Your goal this week is to talk to a family member about what you are doing in scouts and ask them to contribute to the food pantry.
·        Plastic bag recycle / continues…..Bring in your plastic grocery bags for our troop recycler Tess to take to Riverside foods for recycling and a non perishable. 
·        TSHIRTS..  Bring in your used t shirts that you no longer need. Can be dropped off any time at the Winkler home. By November 22nd
·        Clean up Girls Quincy and Mollie will stay 5 min after the meeting for clean up.
·        Girls have earned their first Journey patch as well as completing the last step ( food collection)  to earn the letter T for their be fit block patch. Parents who need help deciding where ALL their patches and badges go please don’t hesitate to call. 
·        Friday November 12th: We will be working with our Sister Brownie troop to make ornaments for the Riverside tree.  Please bring a Large paint smock as we will be working with acrylics. Girls will meet in the Art room right after school and will be picked up in front of the school at 4 p.m.
·        Saturday November 13th: Please arrive at Dan patch stables no later than 11:30
We will post a list of items to bring as we get closer and are more confident in the weather.
·        Remember the journey necklace is now part of your uniform.

Next meeting November 30th  3:15 -4:30

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