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Nov 9, 2010

November 9th meeting

Snack: Cami
Secretary : Zosia
Recycler: Tess
Clean Up: Mollie and Quincy
Am. Flag: Cami
Am. Flag CG:emily
GS Flag: Claire
GS Flag CG: Lulu
Caller: Mia

Focus: Our part as a citizen of the US  / Flags

3:15- 3:20  Flag Ceremony
3:20- 3:30 Snack
3:30-3:45  Brownie Circle/ Ring
·                Secretary Minute: Gather any materials not already given to her.
·                Troop Business
§         Food drive
§         Plastic bag recycle
§         Discuss Badges that we will hand out at the end
§         Discuss Friday with Sister scouts-ornament painting
§         Veterans day assembly: Uniform /practice
§         Discuss Saturday: time, place, what is needed.
§         No longer used T shirts needed Drop off to mrs. Winkler by nov 22
3:45- 4:00 Activity AS A TROOP:
1.     Read meaning of Pledge of Allegiance
2.     go over Flag ceremony proper form
3.     Flag etiquette
4:10- 4:25 Activity- Separate  Ames Blythe
          Ames : With Mrs. Winkler: GO over step by step flag ceremony for Veterans day celebration
          Blythe: Go with Mrs. Kanatas to so flag folding and meaning of the 13 folds      
4:25- 4:30 Clean up
4:30  Brownie Bridge/Closing
·         Secretary to hand out badges

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